I’m trying to get it to work on AV but it won’t build. So this is the work log of getting it to work in linux and whatever else we end up doing with the device.. I know you have been on a mission to find the ‘perfect’ Linux lately That’s as far as I got There are two ways to do this:

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That’s it, Mixxx shoudl work fine with DM2 now. I installed the driver from herebut when I plug it in my “MIDI Controllers” tab in the mixxx preferences says “No midi devices available. Issue Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

I know you have been on a mission to find the ‘perfect’ Linux lately Join Date Oct Beans Home Help Search Login Register. Results 1 to 3 of 3. Does anyone know how to set up and solve this problem?

Mixman DM2 on Linux; SPIN_LOCK_UNLOCKED | The Hyperlogos

Thanks trulan, I appreciate you taking the time to dig deeper. There is a deb package right there at the sourceforge page, does it not work?


May 4th, 3. Privacy policy About Hive13 Wiki Disclaimers. Please try resubmitting the form in a couple of minutes. Yes, the deb package installs the folders, then you need to run something to build it. Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. How can I enable others channel, for example for headphone?

Mixman dm2

You should have a MIDI option now. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. That should give you a message for a different offset but should succeed there isn’t much to this patch.

Then compile your kernel and boot from it to ensure the new kernel works. So obviously there are no builtin drivers for linux for this device. At the moment I select channel for sound blaster and I insert my audio cable in front and it works as master.

It runs fine, but I’d rather run it on AV, which is meant for doing things like this latency has to be very high to be able to do the time stretching, cueing, etc. It appears that there are two parts to this. Have you tried again since? AV Linux is here! As far as I know, all dependencies are installed. You could back up dm2. Hi, I’m not sure if I understand, do you mean it won’t build or won’t install?


I use a creative sound card soundblaster live bit, which I use as a Master channel and the integrated sound card for headphones. If not, please come back and leave a comment. If you don’t already have the kernel source go get it now. Views Read View source View history. I’m forgetting the name of the program that builds it.

I know the device is good because when I plug it into my Windows box it is recognized immediately. I installed MIxxx 1.

Also it should be noted that I’m running Debian with the 2.