I do not know how to identify my switchable receptacle, or to “see” anywhere just what is on the z-wave network. Follow the instructions for your stick to pair Z-Wave devices. Your gateway to building your own Z-Wave gateway. It will also show any problems that HA might be having with starting the zwave component. Take control of your smart home and your security by building your own Z-Wave gateway and hosting it locally. Installation of NodeJS and [thing-it-node] First, install nodejs on your computer e.

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I “paired” the z-stick with a device; a simple plug-in switchable lamp z-wtick. From the z-stick docs: You can subscribe to it below and have Aeotec and home automation news delivered directly to your inbox.

Z-Stick Gen5 is about dependability. I’m away from home at the moment so I can’t tell you what this might be on a Mac. The one in the example z-stiick what some Linux distros will see. You can do this one of two ways: As you can combine Z-Wave devices with other devices and can orchestrate scenarios across locations, this goes far beyond what Z-Wave networks allow you to do with scenes and alerts.

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I think your best bet is To view the console output. There are 0 items in your cart. The company today released the first public beta of the 6th edition of its popular software offering, Indigo.

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Products Z-Wave Newsletter Support. That will be specific to device being added. That is, you unplug your z-stick, press the button for it to enter pairing mode, and then press the ‘action button’ on the device to add. Usually the most expensive part of any smart home is its gateway; that key hub that binds all your connected devices together to control and automate them.

If an error related to pkg-config occurs during the build process, perform the following steps and try again. Z-Stick Gen5 lets you build your own gateway.

Aeon Labs Z-Stick Series 2 on Mac OSX

From the z-stick docs:. There are over 2, different devices available including a huge range of control and automation devices made by Aeotec. Poppy platform Poppy Humanoid Poppy Torso.

Works with pro software. Install the thing-it Mobile App from the Apple Appstore or Mc Play and set it up to connect to [thing-it-node] locally as described here or just connect your browser under http: As for your config, I see two problems: You will need to ensure the OpenZWave library and headers are installed first.


Z-Stick: Z-Wave USB antenna • Aeotec by Aeon Labs

Controlling a Z-Wave home automation system from a Mac without needing an additional gateway has long been on the wish list of many. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

If you start [thing-it-node] after configuring your Aepn network will automatically add all Z-Wave devices to your [thing-it-node] Configuration and you will be able control these from the [thing-it] Mobile App immediately.

I was using zwave door sensors. I’m struggling, I think, to get openzwave to properly install.

Aeon Labs Z-Stick Series 2 on Mac OSX – Anthony Ngu

One with the features and security your home need. Then we work to make it happen. Ever since the communication code of Z-Wave seon made public by its creators, open source software has come a long way. Unless you happen to have a Greenwave device connected.

And you can depend on your Z-Stick Gen5 not going offline at all. Then we work to make it happen.