Due to the newly added compliance requirements, we are extremely sad to inform you that our team has decided to cease the project. This has been a tough decision since the team is very passionate and have worked countless hours towards this.

We appreciate your support very much. our team has decided to bear all the expenses themselves incurred so far. Hence we will issue the refund to all contributors. If you contributed in the Initial Token Offering, you can request the refund till June 30th.


  • 1. How can I request the refund?
    A. Send ZAPIT Tokens to the below wallet address: 0x56ff61baeecb1785d37074e1da162429b0d25847 from the same address where you received them from us.
  • 2. When will my refund be processed?
    A. All requested refunds will be processed by July 7th, 2018.
  • 3. How much refund will I receive?
    A. Refund will be issued up to the amount contributed at the same rate/bonus it was issued to you.
  • 4. How to contact Zapit's support team?
    A. Please email
  • 5. Was this a scam?
    A. All the expenses incurred so far are being beared by the team. All contributors are being refunded for the full amount of their contribution. All the work done, time spent and money spent by the team is lost. You be the judge.