S Anyway here is the direct link to the asus P5KDeluxe ftp page ftp: You are not the only one! I’m anxiously awating a CPU so I can put this all together! It has turned out not to be specific to the Lounge, and perhaps someone there will have a suggestion. I set all the timeouts on drive detection and ahci to 0, and set all values to ignored on hardware monitor, as well as I turn off all the onboard devices, and only leave the Jmicron for IDE capabilities. Do you know any body close by that has another stick of different ram you could borrow?

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Are there any settings that could still use some tweaking or are incorrectly set? I hope it sorts out the bugs and isn’t a beta: I was using 2. I’m anxiously awating a CPU so I can put this all together!

Discussion in ‘ Windows XP ‘ started by jobicongAug 13, No, mz4210 an account now. PLL – Phased-Locked Loop the m4x210 loop block is a feedback control system that automatically adjusts the phase of a locally generated signal to match the phase of an input signal. Is that suppose to happen? I’m just really angry right now that I have to RMA my ram because I have no spare ram to run the system on right now, so I have to wait.


I can’t even get the jmicron controller to see my Esata drive. It is always best to update at the Dos level.

Memorex Model MX4210 Optical Mouse

Couldn’t tell you when it stopped working. Well, I’m about halfway through the posts in this thread and I wanted to post what I’m currently stress testing, so maybe there’d be some feedback by the time I get to the last page. Do you think the uCode error could have had anything to do with the possibly bad RAM? I was using Vista X64 when I had the failed update.

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These are awesome http: Username Changing provided by Username Change v1. Anyone have any idea how I could fix this? My rig is on a E 1. Got a question about my board. I then used the keyboard to navigate to the new Mwmorex filename in the list and initiated a reflash.

P5K, e When i try to open it it just flashes up and then goes in a second, i know others have had this prob but unless i missed somethng no one has found the answer, well if you type control ncpa. My Speedfan CPU reading has been suddenly jumping from about 38c idle up into the ‘s whilst still showing core0 and core1 temps at about 22c.?


Then have hardware manager scan for new plug-n-play devices and let it reinstall the mouse.

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I’m now on bios. Thanks for the info. Second is I’m unable to get the fsb past about I get no tips on any object in the Lounge.

I reseated and restarted several times with the same memorwx. After spending the last few days testing up from FSB x8I had some trouble last night getting 3. Sorry for the inconvenience. Opps – looked at the wrong spec – apologies. You’re sure it was something earlier?

Bios updates memorec chancy from within the OS and not just with Asus. I couldn’t do that on the deluxe with the same CPU and memory so first impressions are that the different capacitors appear to make a difference.

This is the first time that I’ve seen this error.