Antec Minuet Case Review. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. This may make for a more encompassing sound but it’s something most audio purists would turn their noses up at. Logitech Z – speaker system – for PC. Or alternatively, people who have no interest in Home Cinema, DVDs and true surround sound assuming such persons actually exist , and their key focus is on their PCs. With our exclusive M3D Matrix technology, you experience amazingly realistic surround sound from standard 2-channel stereo sound sources such as music CDs and MP3 files. If you’re sound source is already four channel then using M3D is pointless as it will ignore the two rear inputs completely.

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We were not able to do this and the M3D mode with creates a pseudo sound stage couldn’t help either. What makes this cabinet a little unusual is that the port, rather than being a straight tube, is actually u-shaped.

We have to admire the build quality and applaud the use of bare wire but at the end of the day a fully-fledged DTS system can be had for the same or lesser price. The Phase Plugs help dissipate this heat and maintain speaker efficiency over prolonged use.

Best way to know if you bought the right audio system Best way to know if you bought the right audio system by Steve Guttenberg. Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Case Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 8, In the case of the Zs, this resonant frequency is tuned to around 40Hz. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Nov 10, The quality of the system is evident and it is easy to see how a THX certification was awarded here.


The idea of M3D without getting into the technicalities behind it is that the incoming sound is split into four outputs with the rear channels containing all the ambient effects. One complaint we have is that the feet of three of the speaker stands were slightly bent so they wobbled on a flat surface. On Saving Private Ryan with the volume turned up on the D-Day landing scene we could feel every explosion and sound effect although dialogue was not as clear as it could have been.

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To be fair though, this system is really aimed at hardcore PC power users gamers etc. Eager to test the THX certification we attached it to a variety of sound cards, all of which allowed 4-speaker outputs using 2 3.

Skype and Alexa are now ready for your sweet talk The new skill rolls out htx week, in time to “Alexa, Skype Grandma” during the holidays. PC multimedia speaker system.

Logitech Z-560 – speaker system – For PC – wired Series

Continuos monitoring of CPU usage reassured us that we could have used our old P system without any problems. It would have been useful to provide inputs logitecy sources other than sound cards and some phono inputs could have enhanced the systems versatility.

In September of Logitech announced its latest speaker range the “Z” series which comprised three models, the budget Z, mainstream Z and finally logitecy product that they hoped would at last reserve them a place with the big boys, the Z In addition, ease-of-use is evaluated, including installation, set up and operation.

Included with the system is a control box which connects at one end to the sound card’s outputs and the other end to the subwoofer. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.


Speaker System Details Speaker Type. As the magnets get hotter, their resistance to electrical current increases, and it takes more current to drive them, which means the same amount of current fed to the speaker over time will actually result in decreased sound output. On musical material, the Zs for the most part sound superb.

It’s the Zs I’m logiteech at today so before we get to the meaty bits let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

I thought the midrange was a bit too forward; there seemed to be a midrange bulge, which may be why the voice presence was so apparent, but the orchestral stuff lacked some transparency. This actually works surprisingly well though it’s better suited to some sound sources than others.

The first thing you notice about the Zs, aside from the spiffy THX logo that adorns all four satellites, is the power amplifier rating: No matter what we did we could not tgx 4-speaker output from our Hercules Fortissimo sound card so were forced to throw it away.

Since this is a 4-speaker system setting up was straightforward – one speaker either side of our inch logiteh and the other two directly behind the listener at ear level.

Chieftec Wireless Desktop Review. On reflection this is probably due to a lack of dedicated centre channel.