You can connect the MX Ergo to two computers simultaneously via Bluetooth or a Logitech Unifying dongle; using a button on top of the MX Ergo, you can swap between the computers. The TrackMan Marble bears a shape similar to that of the Kensington Orbit with Scroll Ring, but the button placement makes accidentally hitting the page-up and page-down buttons too easy; even after a few days of use, we never got comfortable with that placement. Subscribe to our daily deals newsletter Subscribe to our daily deals newsletter. Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions. A low charge means the buttons will have little to no functionality, going in and out of operation until a full charge is restored.

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This component makes the Expert Mouse over 9 inches deep, so it might be too big for some work spaces.

Brian Hooper has more than 10 years of editorial experience. Control Center has an outdated interface, and Logitech may not support it as long, but it can do all the same things as Logitech Options except Logitech Flow.

The Best Trackballs

A low charge means the buttons will have little to no functionality, going in and out of operation until a full charge is lofitech.

Your desk, your comfy chair, your bed—this trackball is easy to take with you around the home. For Comfortable design Accurate trackball Plenty of additional buttons Unifying receiver and Bluetooth support.

The ball itself is responsive and easy to use, the device sits comfortably in the hand, and the connectivity options should satisfy all but the most demanding of users. The M comes with a three-year warranty.


Instead of a scroll wheel, the Expert Mouse has a scroll ring around the ball.

Wireless Trackball M570

Although the scroll ring is chintzy plastic, it feels much rolleball to scroll than the gritty wheel of the Expert Mouse. Storable receiver If you do need to remove the tiny receiver, just tuck it away right next to the battery.

Few things in computing have stayed quite as consistent as the keyboard and mouse. This is done by removing the magnetic plate on the bottom of the mouse and pushing the ball out with a pen, at rollerbzll point you can clean both the trackball and its housing.

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You can use it on multiple-monitor setups, but you may have to bump up the sensitivity more than on the Expert Mouse. Image 1 of 2 The mouse can either be laid flat or For more information, see Should you switch to a trackball?

We respect your privacy. Trackballs come in two variations: The purpose of this is to completely reconnect your trackball, in case none of the preliminary troubleshooting tips worked.

Logitech promises 18 months of battery life for the AA-powered M; judging from Amazon reviewsthat claim seems accurate. The software allows you to control up to three machines simultaneously, including giving you the ability to drag and drop files between the machines.


How to Repair a Logitech Trackball Button |

Looking for more See all results: How we picked How we tested The competition Sources Why you should trust us. The MX Ergo has a one-year limited warranty—shorter coverage than the three-year warranties of the M and Expert Mouse, and the five-year warranty of the Orbit with Scroll Ring—but most of the defects the warranty covers usually appear within the first year.

Although the Logitech TrackMan Marble lacks a scroll wheel or ring, it has buttons for paging up and down. The M now sports an adjustable laser sensor, giving you a wider range of cursor speeds—and the perfect amount of control.

The bigger the trackball, the less rotation you need to move the cursor across the screen. Looking for support for this product? Skip to main content.

And your trackball is always ready to use.

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With a huge ball and four buttons, this is a near-perfect trackball held back by a gritty scroll ring. Logitech MX Ergo Budget thumb-operated trackball: The thumb buttons are the best example of this.

While ambidextrous trackball mice do exist, the MX Ergo is an exclusively right-handed affair.

However, for general office usage we had no need for it.