I don’t have the player so I can’t really suggest anything. I don’t know how much a USB 2. Now for the fun part. I tried the recording features in all three modes voice, tuner, and external source. Show More Show Less.

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Skip to main content. Basically, you sit it on one side and the LCD and controls face you. As of press time you could not use the T as a generic storage device without drivers.

This iRiver MB mp3 Player is a lightweight piece which can be carried around the neck or on in pocket.

IRiver iFP-390T Manuals

Much, much lighter than my 20gb iPod. Show More Show Less. The T is my portable of choice; I almost always have it with me. Now for the fun part. You may also like. All recordings came out very well, despite some of the content I chose. For instance, during normal playback it takes irriver to the folder directory.

Trending Price New. Jim, If Windows doesn’t see it, neither will we. It also sits very comfortably in hand.


Slider bar for adjustment Mode Repeat: Media Center doesn’t recognize this.

Additionally, you can give it a quick push and then hold in order to move from folder to folder. This might sound like a minor point, but anyone who’s used a pokey device knows how frustrating it can be.

Iriver iFPT Manuals

I was rather pleased to get an extra MP3 player which I was able to give as a gifthowever, was slightly disappointed to not get headphones. Forum Getting Started Purchase Support: The microphone hole is also on this side, which means that positioning the device to record a lecture or some such event would be relatively easy. If you’re in the market for a flash-based portable, then the T should sit at the top of your list of portables.

The LCD has plenty to display and it’s right in front of you, sitting at a comfortable angle. The only feature I don’t like is the USB 1.

One of the jacks is a standard headphone out; the other is a line-in for recording from an external source. However, hold it longer and you’re taken to the enormous options menu.


It’s sort of like a little travel clock. The T is endowed with iRiver’s outlandishly detailed menu system. After beating up on the T all iffp390t I can say with confidence that iRiver has hit its mark yet again. Roll the T once ifp39t0 you and you’d be looking at three controls: Considering that iRiver always makes good with firmware promises, I would bet it’s right around the corner.

Nate Regular Member Recent member Posts: Apparently, a firmware upgrade will change this. Here is the direct link for the US version: Keep in mind that this review icp390t be considered a template for any of the series players.

Also, something has to be really ugly before I start penalizing the company for it. Mono or Stereo, sampling frequency