Well, none of hardware is giving problem. X60T PMs requesting personal tech support will be ignored. I grabbed a fresh copy of the Linux 2. My head is spinning now. As for AHCI that seems interesting about the chipset command switch. Who is online Users browsing this forum:

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XM, first time SSD user, help with basics? |Intel Communities

Please type your message and try again. The distance between old and new PCs is becoming larger all the time, I would not suggest ahxi very much money into an old PC platform, unless the hardware can be used on new PCs, like your Ahic can.

I was especially happy with the random seeks per second. But don’t worry too much about it if you can’t, they will chug along at a fair pace regardless.

Enabling AHCI and NCQ gave me a small decrease in sequential output performance, a very nice increase in sequential input performance, and an insane increase in seeks per ihtel. Leave it and Exit the Installation.


I thought it was spoilt but now you give me hope to fix it Thank you so much in advance for your inputs.

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And yes, top-end utilization is certainly not my aim here You must set System Partition as Primary, Active. Google has confirmed that private emails sent and received by Gmail users can sometimes be read by third-party app developers, not just machines.

You will see now your hard disks are on the list. Btw what exactly does BIOS c25 i. T61p Work in progress: More info on that here: Important Forum Advisory Note.

This is a computer translation of the original kntel. To all user community who may face the same issue as me: So I have memorised, expect realistic throughput of: How big a problem is the lack of AHCI, and what is the recommended workaround?

Is it just a matter of performance to enable NCQor something more fundamental? Solution Step by Step – Revised 31 May Need my desktop to be working again. So I tried a simpler test: I can only assume that the seeks per second was helped so tremendously by NCQ.


Intel XM Postville SSD and GA-EXUD5 best bios settings

At this point, you can choose to reinstall your OS long method or continue my steps below. Is it possible to restore the partition table and get ahic working as per normal?

The drives will take a performance and possibly endurance hit when AHCI and TRIM is not available, but they will still be vastly faster than spinning drives and should last long enough.

X60T PMs requesting personal tech support will be ignored. Thank you for your great posts.

Many thanks in advance! What Thinkpad s are you referring to? The root cause of the issue is the Windows 7 has somehow created a 0KB unused partition every time you do a fresh reformat.

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Follow this Microsoft KB http: