I’ve contacted the vendor, all is in process. I also looked in the forums here and didn’t see anything, so here goes Port selection rates average on the T, with 3 USB ports and no digital video output. Overall the panel is easy on the eyes with even light distribution and a wide adjustment range for the LED backlighting. There is a small slide switch along one edge of your ThinkPad that turns the wireless and Bluetooth, etc. With all these changes taking place, Lenovo has also managed to keep the notebook looking as classic boring as ever, just how ThinkPad lovers like it.

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I really hope Lenovo takes notice at this, cause I would take a brick glued to the bottom of the case before over a keyboard change such as this. The 6-cell battery managed 6 hours and 4 hours and 28 minutes respectively. For those thinking about using legacy external cards, you may want to reconsider that option. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Thanks for your help.

Dell XPS M 2. There is a small slide switch along one edge of your ThinkPad that turns the wireless and Bluetooth, etc. To gain access to all user-replaceable parts, you simply remove five screws and carefully remove the palmrest and keybard.

Lenovo Thinkpad T400 wireless problems

Message 2 of 2. For those curious about sunlight readability, I ventured outside on a very bright and sunny day to snap some pictures of the T at max brightness.


Also, are there any unknown devices in device manager? Hope to know more by early next week. This computer offers all new features such as hybrid graphics, LED backlit displays, and power-saving refinements that let the notebook get extraordinary battery life.

For those thinking about gaming with the T on battery power, you should have no problem with the 9-cell battery. Getting past the minor case design changes, the ThinkPad is every bit as boring as all of those preceding it. The f400 on my T keeps disconnecting. The power connection for use with the UltraBay battery remained the same though. At this stage you can also see the processor and heatsink, but a few additional items must be removed before you can ihm those items out.

T60 screen left and T screen right view large image.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T Intel Wireless Card WiFi Link – 43Y | eBay

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Here’s what I see: With the ThinkPad touchpads always being the runts compared to other notebook designs, this change was very welcomed even if they did paint scroll arrows on it.

The changes are subtle to the untrained eye, but they are there. Another odd trait I noticed was additional flex on the right side of the keyboard, where my T60 is solid as a rock, but the T wants to give in just a wideless.


To get 10 hours of battery life from a notebook this size, most people think you would need a huge battery attached to the bottom of the case, another battery taking the place of the optical drive, and a big battery sticking out the back.

Two things to check: We have the same paint, same rubbery texture, and we still have our ThinkPad logo. Somehow the wi-fi card was dropped from the build request; the next one will have the correct card. A speedy GB RPM hard drive was also included, which helped applications load without much lag.

Woreless Sign In Help. This cuts weight by 25 percent 6oz to 4. Whites look cleaner, colors look better, backlight is more even, and best of all is bright enough to view in sunshine.

Consuming almost eireless the power of the previous generation really helped reduce overall temperatures. Without the plastic blank in place the palmrest does want to bend down at that location under stress. The only thing that would really prevent you from seeing the screen is reflections blinding you from just being outside on a sunny day. See our Sustainability Report.