Just have to figure them out. Hi there does your software support a Refine EH cutter? Hello Lucian, sorry for our very late answer. Hi, what exactly are your connection settings? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Easy Cut Studio Compatible Vinyl Cutters and Plotters

Is there anyway you can send a picture showing the metal piece you’re talking about? What do I have to do?

The media width sensor is actually under the plastic cover on top of the machine and I don’t think it can be seen without that cover removed. Mine is back together at the moment but if you take the top cover off there is a metal tab at each an you can see on the top of the carriage the black plastic sensor that slides over them.

If my memory is right it’s the u shaped black plastic thing on the right in your picture. Then an error occurs and you can’t cut. Is it the Ce?


Y-postion alarm – GraphTec Cutting Plotter Support Requests – USCutter Forum

I am referring to the sensor mentioned in the link earlier in the poats abovr. I could install a Secabo machine, but I cannot add a Graphtec FC, which is in the list of supported devices. Did you fix your machine? Once I pushed it straight it went back to working like a charm. Please see pic attached of my machine.

Naw havent really thought about quitting trying to figure it out. Where would I go about finding the software?? Register a new account. Which model are you showing of a graphtec? We can absolutely understand, that you are annoyed by Artcut — so are we and many others.

The Mimaki CGFX can only use the manual cropmark alignment system but neither the automatic, nor the barcode reading feature. Hi, thanks for your inquiry.

List of vinyl cutters supported by DrawCut PRO and EXPERT

I believe it is only on one side – the y position sensor is actually underneath as shown in the link in the 6th post in this thread – it reads the little magnet or reflective part on the pinch rollers – to diagnose do as suggested above and turn off your sensors.


We recommend the following brands which are fully supported: Which model is supported?

What does this mean? Hi, I am sorry but we are not affiliated with Graphtec and do not know this pepper software. It measures the distance between the rollers. It is only possible to install 1 license number on 1 PC. Hi there does your software support a Refine EH cutter? I have to turn the Graphtec CE off and on to get it to stop flashing and displaying the Y-position alarm.

After the reset cutting master 3 is having trouble syncing. I thing there is a solution to most problems. Can anyone tell me where the sensor is?

Power turned on while holding down the UP arrow Thanks, Dakotagrafx, for fast responses. Posted June 1, Posted August 3,