Conclusion All the receivers covered here are well made and of high quality construction. The page history shows what used to be on this page, and allows people to rescue an old revision. With 64Mb of on-board Flash memory you can expect approximately two days of logging at 15sec intervals before the memory is filled. Although not a full review of every device we have covered those that we think will be the most popular and relevant in detail. Views Read View source View history. Have any comments about this review? Re-acquisition times were also extremely fast at under a second to re-acquire when coming out of heavy foliage.

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Bearing in mind that charges isn’t the entire life span of the battery, it’s just that after charges, the battery performance will start to degrade somewhat. Unlike models using earlier generation chip sets there is no need to have this receiver mounted externally any more.

As always though, the vagaries of TMC reception here in the UK make it very much less use than it might otherwise be. Warm fixes were around the 30 second mark, with hot fixes at around 9 seconds.

There are a few applications available currently that support such a solution, Destinator being one of them. One thing I did notice on playback it was lacking GPGSV information, which meant although you could see the satellite fix, you couldn’t royltek any other detail back about the strengths of each satellite signal.

RoyalTek RBT Bluetooth GPS Receiver

I found myself always wanting to charge it with mains like I do with all of my other gadgets and as it didn’t get charged because I didn’t have a mains lead, I always forgot to put it on charge in-car. The case itself is very similar in shape and design to the RBT but differs in being slightly taller 3mm to be precise! However there are still applications where they work well. Labelled for deletion Royaltek. Has useful rubber feets so it doesn’t slide around in your car.


Review units supplied by: In these conditions, you very rarely have access to a car, and this means that if when you get back to your guesthouse, hotel or home, you can’t charge the BlueGPS because you don’t have a charger for it.

RoyalTek have had a number of very popular receivers, the RGM was very successful and they also brought us one of the first Datalogger Roylatek devices, the RBT which also proved to be a big sales hit. Other than that, the playback facility in the Datalogger was pretty good, and it’s a great way of recording a whole journey to play back later.

If you disagree with its deletion, please explain why on royalrek talk page.

Weclome to RoyalTek

Great for logging any journey, holidays, walks, cycle rides etc or even for adding location data to photographs. LiIon battery is replaceable. The only downside is its lack of Apple Mac support.

You could however set the Baud Rate and playback interval, and playing this back through WinFast Navigator I was able to play back royatek entire journey receiving the data.

No bad thing as the form factor goyaltek near perfect for an every day Bluetooth GPS receiver. Switching to the Processing tab, will again give you the filename, which data to process, or the working time to process and allow you to convert the data to an NMEA file.

Royaltek GPS

If you were having problems with the GPS Receiver at specific intervals of your journey, you can play these back later and examine the GPS Stream that’s coming through to try and work out if it was a mapping problem or a weak satellite signal. Mine came with a car power adapter gos no AC adapter. You can use it to track where you’ve been, or your other half, or even an employee.


It’s very difficult to come up with new ideas for the design of GSP receivers, we’ve seen them in cigarette lighter plugs, necklaces, key rings and now RoyalTek have invented the the wearable GPS!

Weighing in at an incredible 38g with battery this is a featherweight unit but still capable of running for a shade under 10hrs, very impressive for such a tiny unit.

Mediatek or MTK as they are otherwise known gpz the new kids on the block a year or so ago but have become very much main stream now. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Retrieved from ” http: This page has been labelled for deletion. All of this information gets written to flash memory, fps can be set to overwrite the oldest data when full or to stop logging when full.

In the meantime we should fix any pages linking to here.

The page history shows what used to be on this page, and allows people to rescue an old revision. LED Lights The three lights will have different meanings. For the Pocket PC no drivers were needed. Have any comments about this review?