You also probably have VMware player installed, which adds several network adapters potentially used by virtual machines. How to remove the unwanted Tunnel Adapters via Device Manager: Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. I will be testing this command to see if it fixes the problem, but it would be satisfying to have a mechanism too — since I may be making the case to my boss that we apply this widely. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Make sure any of your devices are not using IPv6.

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The Teredo client uses “keep alive” traffic with the server. Lots of universities and government sites use IPv6, and more every day. There is a “refresh” interval in which the client verifies that the source port is still valid.

How To Disable Teredo IPv6 Tunneling in Microsoft Windows

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I’ve forgotten my password. Shrout1 1 7 Since the real question is about removing the connection?

Killeen, TX Local time: I was getting a long ipv6 address when I pinged myself from myself- ping compname.

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I also fix the step to Manage Network Connections. Click OK, then Close. I updated my answer.

I’d like an IPv4 address when pinging. I’m well aware of the reasons for IPv6 and the IPv4 address exhaustion situation. Expand the Network Adapters tree.

If not then ok, if something does not work then enable it again. This topic is locked. If you are confused, do not disable it. Posted 21 October – What can I use it for? Anyway, if you get problems by disabling tunneling then you can come here again at BC This is how you can disable Teredo tunneling.

How to Disable Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-interface 6to4 Adapter – Richard Chingombe’s Blog()

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Set-Net6to4configuration -state disabled Set-Netisatapconfiguration -state disabled Set-NetTeredoConfiguration -type disabled Caveat – if for some reason you want the tunnel adapters on some, but not all, of your interfaces, this isn’t the right solution. The Teredo server is running a publicly accessible IPv4 address. The extra network appear like this: The server forwards the IPv4 encapsulated IPv6 packet to its intended destination.


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That said, uninstalling IPv6 won’t cause you to lose your internet connection. Find information about Tunnel Adapters at Wikipedia.

How To Disable Teredo IPv6 Tunneling in Microsoft Windows – The Lone Sysadmin

Brilliant answer, this is just perfect. The only thing consistent about Windows commands is their inconsistency! This answer tells how to completely disable IPv6.