This is what differs hi-end products from mainstream ones, and it’s especially pleasant if the price remains affordable. The developers are going to include the forced auto scanning in the next versions but I think it’s better to let users choose themselves, because it’s simpler to tick off channels if you know the frequencies than to wait for the scanning to stop though in my case it took only a minute and disable undesirable channels. All other accessories are in mint condition. Will send pictures to anyone who is interested. However, it’s not that important and it can be even better for an inexperienced user. For operation under the DirectX 9. After you set it to record, it can power on your PC and record.

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The other functions are standard. I have taken 2 pictures of the box and the Cds, manuals etc.

Compro VideoMate TV Gold-Plus – LinuxTVWiki

Stations can be edited and deleted. Its first review was slashing because of a great number of problems in the Russian network. However, I was told that the problem is solved in the next revisions.

Before turning off the PC displays the warning. The box is a real eye catcher. The monster from X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. Secondly, the Picture Purifying Technology supported improves reception and image quality; it includes:. I’d like to congratulate Compro Technology with such a successful solution and I hope the company will quickly enter our market.


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However, it’s not that important and it can be even better for an inexperienced user. Congrats to the Winners!

We couldn’t reject such a praiseworthy initiative as well as let down our readers. Such solution makes its vvideomate into the PCI slot simpler but it’s impossible to take out the tuner without removing the adapters, and they do not go out easily ckmpro that. The Channel Surf also reproduces sound for several seconds when going through the channels. With the Fine Tune enabled the program tries tuning frequencies on the fly in case of unstable reception.

But it also can be caused by some bugs or damage occurred during transportation.

Remote still looks brand new with no wear at all. I sold one about 2 weeks ago and bought the pvr Remember the card comes with everything originally included in the box and also comes with the box.

FM Tuner When the tuner is started for the first time, it offers to choose a country from the list though tuners usually start automatic or manual scanning and then started auto scanning. Maybe it’s reserved for future? Comes with all software Cds, manual, box and cables.


Compro VideoMate VideoMate TV Gold Plus II (M) PCI TV Card manuals

For operation under the DirectX 9. Compro Technology is hardly known on our market. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Bump Bump and here is a screenshot of it in action: The remote control gets power from two AAA batteries.

Fortunately, there are Automatic logon and power off on completion of recording options. The last tab named System Devices allows changing audio and video devices, adjust the audio-in for recording and playing note that the tuner can be connected to the card’s AUX port. It is one of the best TV cards available which is why I purchased it: Stations can be edited and deleted or frequencies can be entered manually and saved. And we are not through yet. Even brand-name electronic companies rarely offer such things.

You will see what comes out of it. That was how the guys at Compro explained the forced auto scanning.