Microsoft hates my FireFox browser on Win7 build ! I have ensured that my TV is set to primary display as well as sound profile. Do I need both? I updated my kernel to 3. Right click it, go to properties and just do a driver rollback.

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All native applications seem fine, as lond as they’re MS or tight MS integrated apps.

Workaround 1 no longer works for me in Since this problem was so well understood with the 2xxx series I really thought that they would have a fix in the 3xxx series. I registered just to hmi you props for this solution. Well I found a solution that worked for me. BB code is On. Otherwise, I’d check eBay or the like for the dongle.

How to get HD sound with hd? | TechPowerUp Forums

If you do uninstall at you may need to download the AMD driver again but this time do a custom install instead of an express installation. Ok, I’m going to make this very easy.


auido If this is the case, you have a different bug. CyberLink have to enable one chip after another which takes a considerable ajdio of time working with sound card providers, Microsoft and checking that it satisfies the AACS mandate.

Configure the Sound Dialog Box. You can do this from the same playback tab in step 7 by highlighting the HDMI device in the list and then clicking the configure button below. Seems like the issue is known for a while based Is there a true fix on the horizon from AMD? Joined Sep 25, Messages 5, 1. Gian-Luigi Valle glvorange-gmail wrote on To the point that I had zero audio at times. Help please, I dont know what to do.

AMD Catalyst HDMI sound conflict | Community

I guess the cards use some sort of odd DVI port that allows this to occur using the adapter. Here are the details: This happen shortly after updating but I did not noticed it immediately hemi I was busy on another job. This problem has shown up in Proceed to step 3. In the middle of the page that comes up click “properties” again. Even if it is somehow possible, what about your TV? Another thing you can try is using older drivers that where meant aati windows 8.


no sound over HDMI on ATI HD4350

Made a account just to say thank you VERY much! Providing robust hardware authentication is a big part of what PAP is about. Darn bulky, some are.

I would love love love to get the dvi-hdmi cable to work since it’s strung. I currently have tai very same issue and same errors.

It’s looking like it’s possible but not probable. I will leave the details to the official thread: Thanks for the hint on the linux kernel 4. This card should have audio support over HDMI.

No monitor connected or invalid EDID [