After installing either driver, run sudo iwlists scan to make sure it works. Cos, judging by this site, it’s a pretty common occuring problem. Posted October 9, Works with latest ath5k drivers. What’s more it seems partially fixed with todays release!

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Atheros AR5BXB6

Posted October 20, I got home, work, gfs house and friends house wireless networks saved for when i go to the specific places. I’m using the Apple-built card, and Windows 7 kicks in with its own drivers automatically.

When I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 8. I’ve bought a Broadcom BCMMC not official apple mini pci-e and I apparently their aren’t many other mini pci-e cards that work under snow leopard on this moment.

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Kinx, Linjx entered the first command into the terminal and got this result Everything was so perfect when I initially installed Ubuntu, but then i decided to update the kernel like the arrow in my task bar told me to That works perfectly I’m running Slackware 12 on Acer wlmi. Same boat as this guy Have a Cace Technologies AirPcap?


No 11n, but works out of the box. Works in 64Studio 2.

Works on ubuntu 8. If you get information about an intel wireless card, then that’s why the broadcom drivers won’t work. Hm, I tried that fix and no luck. Well, I will be right back at this again tomorrow. Working perfectly as linix on an Acer Aspire If it is at5bxb6 may like to look at this post http: I know they can’t make this a walk in the park for everyone with auto recognition and install of only the components we need, but it sure would be nice for the HW companies to get with the program and help support their product within the OS.

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Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of lknux. I have the same laptop, simple fix, hook it to a wired connection and it will detect your “restricted drivers” and from there you install them and BAM it works: The lesson here is not to listen to red arrows in your taskbar – they are the technological equivalent of Satan It was working fine, after countless hours trying to get it to work.


Give it a shot. A fresh install might not hurt in hardy as well. Local Loopback inet addr: Is it in here?

Apple AR5BXB6 – WikiDevi

My last week at work, he asks about the “updates”, so I said sure might as well get them done while we are working together Again it’s quite involved. Posted October 17, Anyhow, use synaptic or apt to update your system, because in hardy wl is only in the later kernels.

Or you can install linu I would still update. Monitor mode and injection work perfect too.