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Without getting to long winded the short answer is yes, it will provide some benefit. Lach Follow Forum Posts: Volumetric smoke and fog create ultra realistic battle explosions and true 3D smoke.

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How can i register a giveaway item? Stream-out generated rain creates rain particles that are more impressive than traditional 2D texture animations. There are a few newer titles coming out. The first thing, which seems obvious but many miss, is do you actually play any games that use GPU accelerated PhysX?

This gets asked a lot. User Control Panel Log out. Amazing performance for the cost; single slot cooler; VP2 video processor. I don’t still have the results. Features may vary by product. Motion blur adds cinematic realism to game scenes by blurring rapidly moving objects.


Buying an 8800GT as a dedicated PhysX GPU

Odd behvior with one Gpu fan Quality? I’ve been thinking I’d keep it for that when I upgrade. Marfoo Follow Forum Posts: At the end you said it will provide some benefit.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? As a matter of fact it was twice as good as using my i7 for PhysX. I dont doubt that youve tried it but he should try it with and without the gt to really see if its worth it. But other than that, you got half ass made games like Infernal, Cell Factor and Warmonger. I hope he does get some numbers up with and without an gt physX on a ti.

Save your money phyx is not worth it not as long as it remains a closed standard. When you in essence blast the thread saying everyone that posted doesn’t know what they are talking about and are just ‘guessing’, expect some blow back.


It is possible to do it; you just need to look. I appreciate you providing the opportunity to explain this. Forgot, can’t post links. You can not use the Ageia PhysX cards. So no, not worth the heat, space, power etc. Drivers Windows XP Driver: GeForce Release Version: On the other hand, I’m not in the habit of posting disinformation. If you’re disagreeing with what I posted, you’re free to show your evidence. It would be awesome if we had some hard data on different cards together in every combination but i havent found that yet.

Soft particles smoothly blend on contact with terrain and other objects dramatically improving realism.